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DASHH - Doorway to an Accessible, Safe and Healthy Home

We improve housing conditions and perform assessments and interventions for adults and children with asthma and make home improvements that allow seniors to safely remain in their home. 


The DASHH Program is in collaborative partnership with:

  • Baystate Health

  • Behavioral Health Network

  • BeHealthy Partnership (Baystate Healthcare Alliance with Health New England)

  • Boston Medical Center

  • City of Springfield

  • Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

  • HealthNet

  • Holyoke Medical Center

  • Mental Health Association

  • ​Mercy Community Health

  • ​Partners In Health

  • Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition

  • Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts

  • Springfield Partners for Community Action

  • UMass Medical School


413Cares is an innovative community portal that provides online access for residents of Western Massachusetts to available resources from housing, to healthcare, early education and more. 413Cares is fully HIPPA compliant and mobile-friendly.

To learn more about our DASHH Program

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For Revitalize CDC's DASHH Program:

MassHealth Flexible Services - BeHealthy ACO Asthma Program

The MassHealth ACO Flex Services Program is a FREE, voluntary, confidential service designed to help you gain control of your asthma.

You'll Learn To:

  • Reduce asthma triggers at home

  • Reduce unwanted doctors visits and hospitalizations due to asthma triggers

To Learn More About Our BeHealthy Flexible Services Program Click Below!

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Accessible & Safe Homes through Occupational Therapy

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Make your home a healthier place to live.

To apply for this program click the application below

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About This Program:
The goal of this program is to identify and remove housing-related health and safety
hazards in homes where families with young children, older adults (62+ years),
and/or families with persons with disabilities live.


Cosmetic Repairs are not permitted in this program.

Revitalize CDC will conduct assessments in your home to detect any health and
safety issues that are present. Once the assessment has been completed, we will
develop a plan to make repairs or remove pollutants.


This Program Will Address:
Asthma & Allergies
Asthma attacks can be triggered by allergens in the home, including mold, dust
mites, rodents, insects, excess dust, and second-hand smoke.
Mold & Moisture Control
Mold and moisture increase allergens that can trigger illness and asthma and cause
the home to develop problems. Mold may be present in places where excess
moisture or water damage has occurred.
Indoor Air Quality
Children spend most of their time indoors. For their size, children breathe up to twice
as much air as adults. That means children are at greater risk for health problems
that come from indoor air pollution.
Lead Hazards
In many homes built before 1978, flaking lead paint causes lead hazards in dust and
soil. Young children, pregnant women, and pets can ingest this dust and soil and
become poisoned.
Home Safety
Unintentional injuries from falls, poisoning, choking, and suffocation, are the number
one killer of children in America. Many of these injuries can be prevented with low-
cost measures.


● Owner-occupied homes
● Homes located in Hampden County
● Children in the home age 6 and under
● Seniors in the home age 62 and over
● Meets HUD income guidelines










Healthy Homes for Healthy Families
Fortunately there are some really simple ways to help make your home a healthier place
for you and your family. By following the Eight Healthy Homes Principles below, you can
help make your home a healthier place to live in.
● Keep it Dry
● Keep it Clean
● Keep it Safe
● Keep it Well-Ventilated
● Keep it Pest-free
● Keep it Contaminant-free
● Keep it Well Maintained
● Keep it Thermally Controlled


For more information about this program, please contact us at:

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2022 HUD Income Limits for Metro Springfield, MA

See Document Below for Open/General Bid for Residential Rehabilitation Projects

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