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JoinedForces, in partnership with businesses, civic organizations and other nonprofit agencies provides veterans and their families with critical repairs and modifications on their homes to help make them stay safe, healthy and energy-efficient.  This is all done in a surrounding that offers integrity, dignity, and hope

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Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification Program

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A number of America's veterans who are low-income and living with disabilities are in need of adaptive housing to help the regain or maintain their independence. They are unable to fund significant home repairs, or are burdened by utility costs. Revitalize CDC wants answer this need with free home rehabilitation and modifications that will allow veteran's to age-in-place. 


This Housing & Urban Development (HUD) funded project is a rehabilitation and modification program of the primary residences of eligible veterans who have a residence in a state of interior or exterior disrepair. The program services are available across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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JoinedForces Breakfast Fundraiser Pictures held at MGM Springfield in 2018

JoinedForces Breakfast Fundraiser Supporters held at MGM Springfield in 2018

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