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ONE Block on ONE Street all on ONE Day with 1,000 Volunteers!


#GreenNFit Springfield is Saturday April 27th, 2024!

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#GreenNFit Neighborhood Rebuild: Rebuilding 1 block of homes in 1 neighborhood with the help of over 100 supporters and 1,000 volunteers all in 1 day!  The program focuses on making homes energy-efficient, safe and healthy.


Designed to promote risk assessment, stakeholder engagement, and resilience planning in communities where the risks of disaster are projected to increase substantially due to climate change.  Revitalize CDC Leverages the investments of donors, grantors and volunteers, and performs critical repairs, modifications and rehabilitation on the homes and non-profit facilities of low-income families with children, the elderly, military veterans and people with disabilities throughout the Cities of Springfield and Holyoke, Massachusetts. More specifically, Revitalize CDC focuses on making meaningful improvements to homes to help reduce energy use, save money, and create a safe, healthy and sustainable living environment for our residents and the community.  In addition to focusing on rebuilding homes and lives, vacant lots, unused greenspace, dilapidated playground equipment in the area of renovations are also cleaned up and repaired. 


Successful neighborhood revitalization improves quality of life by reducing the number of foreclosures and properties in tax arrears; it reduces blight and the number of vacant properties. Strong neighborhoods reduce crime rates and higher student academic performance. Housing revitalization utilizing the cluster/block-build format has the benefit of making physical improvements to the community that will last for many years. Construction activities are all outward signs of change in the neighborhood and can make a significant contribution to revitalizing the entire neighborhood and community.


Revitalize CDC is promoting strategies to reduce crime, increase walkability, maintain the existing urban fabric and density, and ultimately add value to the neighborhood or block worked on.

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