Development Committees

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Fundraising Committee

Andrea Luppi
Committee Chair & Revitalize CDC Board Member 


Marlene Buchanan
Revitalize CDC Development Manager


Delores Culp
Revitalize CDC Board Member and Recipient, US Army Veteran


Nicole Gleason
Florence Bank


Ethel Griffin
Revitalize CDC - Director of Programs


Chrissy Kiddy
Revitalize CDC Board Member - PeoplesBank


Charly Lawrence
Department of Veterans Services City of Springfield


Colleen Loveless
Revitalize CDC President & CEO


Diane Lukomski Verdi
Baystate Health

Jim Mahoney
Vietnam Veteran


Sharon Marshall
Northwestern Mutual


Jason Niles
Berkshire Bank


Natalie Pion


John Robinson
Revitalize CDC Board Member –

Faith United Church


Vivian Rodriguez
Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement


Moyah Smith
Revitalize CDC Board Member – United Bank


Ashley Solomon
Dietz & Company Architects


Christina Sousa
Revitalize CDC Board Member – TD Bank 


Joseph Williams
United Bank

#GreenNFit Committee


Bob Benson

True Blue Car Wash - RCDC Board Member & Committee Co-Chair

Christina Sousa

TD Bank - RCDC Board Member & Committee Co-Chair

Myles Calender 

RCDC Construction Manager

Sherleen Crespo

Westfield Bank

Delores Culp

Military Veteran - RCDC Board Member

Jason Lebeau

WNEU Head Football Coach

Nikki Gleason

Florence Bank - RCDC House Captain

Ethel Griffin

RCDC Director of Programs

Jahn & Gary Hart

Christ Church Cathedral - RCDC House Captain

Dana Humphreys

First Church of Christ Congregational, Suffield, CT

Jesse (JJ) Jack

RCDC Logistics Manager


Duwayne Kelly

Rockys Ace Hardware

Chrissy Kiddy

PeoplesBank - RCDC House Captain

Colleen Loveless

RCDC President

Diane Verdi Lukomski

Baystate Health

Jim Mahoney
Veterans Services

Sharon M. Marshall
Northwestern Mutual - RCDC House Captain

Tom McGowan
New Hope United Methodist Ministries - RCDC House Captain

Dave Nelson
Columbia Gas - RCDC House Captain

Jason Niles
Berkshire Bank - RCDC Board Memeber & House Captain

Rick Oyler

Columbia Gas - RCDC House Captain

Natalie Pion
PeoplesBank - RCDC House Captain

Bob Predmore
Volunteer - RCDC House Captain

Esther Russell
Past Recipient

Tim Siddle
Waste Management 

Moyah Smith
United Bank - RCDC Board Member &

House Captain

Ashley Solomon
Dietz & Company Architects

Michele Welch
Berkshire Bank - Board Member & RCDC House Captain

Joseph Williams
United Bank - RCDC House Captain


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